Month: July 2017

The dangers of hiking: evacuation on suicide cliff

Yesterday, there had to be a helicopter rescue mission on the top of Kowloon peak with an evacuation on suicide cliff. Whether it is extreme dehydration (with 35 ° C, yesterday was a day of hell) or injury, this proves that you should never attempt difficult hikes without having more experienced climbers with you. The […]

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Suicide cliff at night

Suicide Cliff, an excellent spot for night photography   Last night, I decided to climb the Kowloon peak to manage to take a nice night picture of the city at night with the backdrop of the suicide cliff. I was not alone, as a hike leader of Hong Kong Hiking Meetup was with me. It […]

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BEPS and the increasing restriction on special tax statuses: Hong Kong’s case

The Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) initiative of the OECD has been influencing a lot of the visible (changes in legislation) and less visible changes in the global tax environment. We already talked about it broadly here. Today, we are addressing the issues in the offshore status of Hong Kong. The principle of territorial […]

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Sunset over Hong Kong

A lovely sunset this evening, shot with the Lion’s rock in the background.

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Beautiful flower vendor

The Lost Markets of Bangkok (2/2): Pak Khlong Talad

Ah, Pak Khlong Talad! This flower market was an island of poetry in Bangkok. Especially around Valentine’s day, it was a hub of beauty and of happiness. Flowers, activity and friendliness A bustling flower market, most active at night time, Pak Khlong Talad was a favorite destination for tourists. With its colorful flowers and its […]

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Sukhumvit 38 open fire

The Lost markets of Bangkok (1/2): Sukhumvit 38

This is a two-part series on the dying street markets of Bangkok. We will consider first Sukhumvit 38 and thereafter Pak Khlong Talad, the defunct flower market. At the beginning of Soi Sukhumvit 38 was a vibrant and wonderful hub of street food. This hub of street food was resting especially on the tolerance of […]

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Back on suicide cliff!

A while after going there with the PASM phootography meetup, I went back alone on Kowloon Peak… Difficult conditions Due to the quick changing weather conditions on the mountain, I got caught in a small rain shower on the mountain (not ideal for lightning danger, but thankfully it was not a thunderstorm). Conditions became a […]

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Suicide cliff

The Suicide Cliff in Hong Kong: a hike to die for!

Suicide cliff is one of the most researched topics for readers arriving on this blog. I do regularly edit this post as to give you more information on the conditions and the route to follow for the hike. Look at the slideshow for a visual description of the route. You have below a Google maps […]

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La vie en rose in a Hong Kong minibus 

Interesting example of cross-cultural influence when you come across a rendition of “La Vie en Rose” of Edith Piaf in a Hong Kong minibus. ​ ​

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Three smiths in Helsinki

The three smiths statue

The three smiths In Helsinki’s center, a famous landmark is the “three smiths” statue. A donation by a private foundation, this statue  (called Kolmen sepän patsas in Finnish) was created by the sculptor Felix Nylund in 1932. Today, it has become one of the main points of recognition of Helsinki, where it stands just near […]

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