Welcome to Visions of Asia.

This blog is in the first place the result of a personal creative pursuit aiming at sharing both photography in Asia, personal reflections on culture (and possibly news) and more particularly the way culture may cross-pollinate themselves with other distant cultures through various processes. To go straight to my latest posts, either click here, or use the menu above.

I don’t really fit into a box, so this blog does not fit into one either. It is not “pure” photography, it is not pure comments, it is not pure news. It is an outlet for two of my passions, namely photography and writing, with a heavy dose of culture. Living in  Asia for several years was the occasion of understanding better the Asian mind, local traditions, superstitions and making sense of the intermingling of cultures happening right now in our globalized world.

At the same time, I am also a keen observer of news and economy, and from time to time, I like to draw these large issues together. This is the beginning of the story and it may again change in the future.

Please enjoy text and photos, visit regularly and please do leave your comments if you happened to like anything or you disliked something.


In conclusion, I will borrow the words of Alessandro Manzoni:

La quale, se non v’è dispiaciuta affatto, vogliatene bene a chi l’ha scritta, e anche un pochino a chi l’ha raccomodata. Ma se in vece fossimo riusciti ad annoiarvi, credete che non s’è fatto apposta

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