About me

I am  a photographer and writer, who, obviously has a full-time occupation by the side.

This blog is a way of satisfying the creative urge that has never left me since my times of freelancing for a newspaper. In a way, this blog found its way between a travel journal and a blog on barefooting and photography. Today, it has also become a relay with my second job as a journalist.

Where am I located?

I currently live in Hong Kong, after a posting of 5 years in Thailand. Before that, I basically lived in Europe for all my youth, and did not travel out of Europe until I was 36. As I am based in Asia, the title of this blog tries to translate also how I see Asia as an external observer.

Who am I?

I am a lawyer and a graduate of biomedical ethics. I work in the pharmaceutical sector.

My own family is a formidable union of so many influences, so I often like to say that I was one of the first children of globalization at a time where this was not yet a word in the dictionary. Because it is difficult for a child at the confluence of several cultures to become completely part of one culture, this has made me more inclined to create my own culture, from bits and parts of other cultures.

This blog is at 95% a photography and travel blog, but it also aims to invite you to travel both in your mind by exploring different cultures and their interactions, and in the world by seeing new places and pointing out cross-cultural influences. Over the year 2019, it has also evolved to cover the events happening in Hong Kong.

Most of my culture still smacks of tradition and of classicism. So, don’t be astonished if I try to share that as well. But as you will maybe discover, I am quite eclectic in my tastes and I am not shy of that.

Another part of me, which is more unusual is that I also run barefoot (and hike and bike…). Unconventional as it may be, it has been a great experience and I try to share it on this blog as well. In more recent posts, this has taken quite some space as most of my hikes are now done barefoot. I also provide some sources around this practice here.

With all this, enough talked about me. You can read my latest posts here.