Hong Kong, the vertical city

  There is no other way to apprehend why Hong Kong is often called “the vertical city” than to climb upon a mountain and to look down on the city. The pictures in this post are taken in Kowloon. Human Density Kowloon is one of the most densly populated areas of Hong Kong and also […]

The red moon of Hong Kong

Tonight, there was a red moon on Hong Kong. As the moon crescent was well formed and the skies were somehow clearer, the moon could be clearly visible as it went down over the horizon. Sadly, as always where there is nice weather on Hong Kong, the sky still had some haze. Why a red […]

A black and white stroll in the city

  Black and white photography can be an interesting way of focusing the attention of the viewer on the most important elements of a scene. This post is thus more of a stylistic exercise. Here, you have an illustration on how B&W photos dim distractions that might crowd a picture when shot in color. Black […]

Urban exploration: the hidden temples of Aberdeen

Last week-end, I went out on a bit of an urban exploration in Aberdeen. Aberdeen, on the far side of Hong Kong island is a bit of an unknown entity, mostly reputed for being the location of Ocean Park, but is also rich with hidden temples. Aberdeen the city of shrines? However, taking a stroll […]