A black and white stroll in the city


Black and white photography can be an interesting way of focusing the attention of the viewer on the most important elements of a scene.

This post is thus more of a stylistic exercise.

Here, you have an illustration on how B&W photos dim distractions that might crowd a picture when shot in color.

Black and white photography allows to dim distractions

The background of these photos are all filled with a number of colorful displays, lights and shops. Black and White puts the focus on the subjects at the heart of these pictures and allows to “erase” the distraction.

Obviously, when distractions are eliminated, then composition and focus becomes more important. In a city like Hong Kong, there is a wealth of people walking around

Actually, the areas around Mongkok are filled with street photography opportunities, as they are heavy circulation areas. In addition, there is still a lot of traditional activities going on (cart pushers, cardboard ladies, pretty girls going out…).

So, if ever you are feeling like trying your hand at street photography, just go and take a stroll in that area. I love going there on week-ends at night, but it will be the subject of another post.

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