Month: July 2017

Mongkok at night

At night, in Mongkok’s walking street, a man walks past as shops are closing.

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The Chinese carrier Liaoning visits Hong Kong

Despite the bad weather and intermittent showers, many Hongkongese were curious enough this Sunday, to take a walk past the HK Disneyland pier to get a better view of the sole Chinese aircraft carrier, the Liaoning. A photoshoot occasion With a good dose of propaganda by the Beijing-held SCMP, many locals, photographers and ordinary inhabitants […]

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Tumikirkko in Helsinki

Helsinki: the white city of the North

A recent trip was the occasion of dropping by the Finnish capital, Helsinki. Often unknown, even among Europeans, the other name for Helsinki is “the white city of the North”. The Finnish capital has a vibrant atmosphere and culture which impregnates the whole city. Helsinki, a city replete with sights From its iconic Tumiokirkko, to […]

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Pink Elephant in Ayutthaya

The plight of elephants in Thailand

A long silence finally broken After a long persisting silence, finally a study was carried out on the mistreatment of elephants in Thailand. While many tourists love to ride elephants as an attraction (the main place for this being the Elephant kraal in Ayutthaya), few know that to get pliable animals who accept to let […]

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monk shoots sunset

Thailand today: a monk, a smartphone and a flag

A man taking a picture of the sunset on his smartphone with a Thai flag blowing in the wind. Nothing unusual, except that man is a Buddhist monk holding a smartphone when he should not be owning anything according to the precepts of Buddhism. A visual summary of Thailand In a way, this picture summarizes […]

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The influence of China on Hong Kong from an unexpected angle: taxation

Hong Kong has a worldwide reputation for being a semi tax heaven.  This reputation hangs mainly on the concept of territoriality for taxes, which in turn gave birth to the very interesting concept of the “offshore status”. More can be learned (from a very technical point of view) by reading the Departmental Interpretation and Practice […]

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Waiting for the bus

In Hong Kong, on Nathan Road, a young lady was waiting for her bus. The street lights in the background made a lovely backdrop for the scene.

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The Cardboard ladies of Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, there are  a lot of elderly people who try to make ends meet by collecting and selling cardboard to recycling companies, commonly called the “cardboard ladies”. A feature was made on them in the South China Morning Post in 2014. Recent Developments Recently, the plight of the cardboard ladies made the headlines […]

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