The dangers of hiking: evacuation on suicide cliff

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Yesterday, there had to be a helicopter rescue mission on the top of Kowloon peak with an evacuation on suicide cliff. Whether it is extreme dehydration (with 35 ° C, yesterday was a day of hell) or injury, this proves that you should never attempt difficult hikes without having more experienced climbers with you.

The difference between hiking safely and being evacuated

Despite this, I went back through a different route (Middle Hill) to Kowloon Peak with a group. While not excessively difficult, it passes near to some cliffs, and hence requires being careful. The extreme heat was a complicating factor too, but we were a nicely knit group from the Hiking meetup. So, don’t forget to take a lot of water, and go slow rather than too fast. And better go with someone who knows the route.

Photo taken approximately from Middle hill on the final leg to Kowloon Peak.

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