Suicide cliff at night

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Suicide Cliff, an excellent spot for night photography


Last night, I decided to climb the Kowloon peak to manage to take a nice night picture of the city at night with the backdrop of the suicide cliff. I was not alone, as a hike leader of Hong Kong Hiking Meetup was with me.

It took however all of one hour to get to the top, but the reward was the magnificent view of the city by night and with the backdrop of the suicide cliff.

However, as shown in the daylight pics in my other post, this hike should not be done alone if you are not familiar (and even if you are) and certainly not at night if you never did that route before. It can be dangerous as there are some tight passages and there is no lighting on the way (you must carry your own torch).

Please note also that once you get near to the top of the mountain, there is often clouds over there (giving you the impression of “walking in the clouds). The inconvenience is that, of course, that may obscure visibility for your hikes.


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