Month: November 2017

Helicopter rescueing hikers

Tragedy strikes: a hiker died while climbing on Suicide Cliff

Given the number of helicopter rescues witnessed, it was only a matter of time before tragedy struck: today, a hiker died while climbing on Suicide cliff. A tragedy waiting to happen It should however be emphasized, that while too many people come to suicide cliff, the hiker who died today was with a group of […]

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Living nightmare

Biking to Art 2 pier

On day 2 of my stay in Kaohsiung, I had recovered from my crazy day just before. I went out in the morning, and decided to go biking to Art 2 pier. Art 2 pier is a place where they have an open air exposition of “modern art”. I am not really a fan of […]

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barefoot hike on Suicide cliff

Barefoot hike on Suicide cliff

I mentioned that possibility in a previous post, and I finally did it: A barefoot hike on suicide cliff! Originally, I wanted to test myself with a barefoot hike on a less steep terrain, such as the Dragon’s Back hike. Seeing how packed that hike can be on weekends, I decided instead to do the […]

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Helicopter rescue on Kowloon peak

An umpteenth helicopter rescue on Kowloon peak

I guess that becomes repetitive, but this is the umpteenth helicopter rescue on Kowloon Peak. The helicopter had to come back twice! A treacherous route It seems hikers get lost quite easily on the Jat’s incline side (one of the hardest sides to hike), especially when going down. So, I know I have said and […]

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3 photographers in Kaohsiung

Encountering Taiwanese photographers near “Love River”

After I finished my barefoot hike in Shoushan national park, I went back to the hotel, refreshed myself and then, went right back out! In fact, the goal was to visit a place I had seen while returning on bike back to Aozhidi MTR station: the Love River. And that’s where I encountered two young […]

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Barefoot in the park

Barefoot hiking in Shoushan national park

The route to Shoushan national park In my previous post, I mentioned that I first stopped at Formosa Boulevard station to take pics of the “Dome of light”. The moment I left my hotel, I decided that this hike would be made barefoot or at least without shoes. After checking the route to Shoushan national […]

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Dome of light

First day in Kaohsiung: dome of light and getting acquainted

Breakfast : finding a place After arriving the day before, I decided to do some hiking for my first day in Kaohsiung. The goal was to visit the Shoushan national park. Despite my desire of getting out early and filling my day with activities, I only got out of the hotel towards 9 AM. Of […]

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Flight to Kaohsiung: it all starts with a delay…

Last Sunday, I was flying to Kaohsiung, in Taiwan. This trip took place thanks to a promotion of American Express and Zuji, which both offered tickets to various destinations around the world for 30,000 pts on your credit card. The offer was too good not to enjoy (although flights are always on inconvenient dates, but […]

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Silver fern

Kowloon Peak barefoot!

While I often climb Kowloon peak and suicide cliff in particular, so far I always did it with hiking boots or trail running shoes. As a few weeks ago, I started running barefoot, I decided this time to run/hike to the top of Kowloon peak barefoot. Why running barefoot? Firstly a few words of explanation […]

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Girls with Krathong

Loy Krathong: from spiritual festival to a Thai Valentine

This week-end, Loy Krathong took place in Thailand amidst a slew of restrictions by the Thai Junta. In recent years, Loy Krathong evolved from a spiritual festival to a Thai Valentine day. Origins of Loy Krathong As many things in Thai history, the origins of Loy Krathong are murky at best. It is a festival […]

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