Month: September 2017

Montane Mansion: HK architectural claustrophobia

A famous spot for tourists Montane Mansion is located in Quarry Bay, on Hong Kong island. It has become famous for illustrating Hong Kong’s architectural claustrophobia and is a favorite spot for urban explorers. Hong Kong’s paradox For most foreigners, that place is claustrophobic and nightmarish to live into. For some Hongkongese, it is still […]

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A most beautiful scene – A lady reading a book

Captured in a a cafe near Quarry Bay,  this is as beautiful as a scene can get for intellectual men.  A lady reading a book in a cafe is always lovely to behold, especially when the lady is elegant as this one. It is a stolen picture, but one to remind to all ladies (and […]

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sun resting on a building...

Sunsets over Hong Kong: loss of hope

When there is no clouds, haze or fog, Hong Kong can provide some spectacular sunsets, just like the one featured in this post. Somehow, a previous post of mine with the same title garnered some attention, but I believe it was more because of an understanding about the title referring to the political and economic […]

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Lady crossing the street

Street photography in Central Hong Kong

Central Hong Kong: Sophistication and beauty Doing street photography in Central Hong Kong is an interesting exercise for capturing people walking in the city. The very urban framework provides a very localized view. At the same time, the occasional tourist and the beauty of many ladies passing in the area makes for good photographic subject. […]

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Inside Man Mo temple

Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong

During a photography meetup, a couple of weeks ago, I visited this quaint little temple called the “Man Mo temple”. It is peculiar for its location among high-rises in the very touristy area of Central. As this area is frequented by a lot of tourists, so is the temple too. What is special about Man […]

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