Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong

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During a photography meetup, a couple of weeks ago, I visited this quaint little temple called the “Man Mo temple”. It is peculiar for its location among high-rises in the very touristy area of Central. As this area is frequented by a lot of tourists, so is the temple too.

What is special about Man Mo temple?

Located on Hollywood road, this is one of the oldest temples of Hong Kong dating back to at least 1847 according to the temple’s website.

For Chinese, the temple is dedicated to the Gods of Literature, Man Tai, and the God of War Guan Yu (also called Mo Tai, hence the name “Man Mo” for the temple).


Today, because of the number of Asian tourists who come to burn incense, the place is pretty frequented, but the low light and the candlelight allow to shoot some pretty atmospheric pictures of the worshippers.

How to get there?

You can see the exact location on this map. Either you take a taxi to Hollywood road, or you can simply get down at Central MTR and then take a stroll up in that typical area. Upper Lascar Row, the famous antique shop street is nearby, so you might add it to your itinerary.



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