Montane Mansion: HK architectural claustrophobia

A famous spot for tourists Montane Mansion is located in Quarry Bay, on Hong Kong island. It has become famous for illustrating Hong Kong’s architectural claustrophobia and is a favorite spot for urban explorers.

Hong Kong’s paradox

For most foreigners, that place is claustrophobic and nightmarish to live into. For some Hongkongese, it is still home. That’s why, according to the record of recent transactions, houses are still sold up to a maximum of 5 million HKD for 490 ft.¬≤!

The location of Montane mansion is on King’s Road, with tram and MTR nearby, so nobody will dispute the convenience of the place. However, the cost of the housing seems delirious given the claustrophobic atmosphere.

The pricing of housing in HK

Let us compare with another condominium, located in Ngau Chi Wan, where I am currently living. It was originally commercialized at about 7 million HKD on plans. It is a high-end luxury building with about 1,000 ft.² for my apartment.

However, that building was completed in 2010, and probably initially sold towards 2005-2007. At the time, the housing market was still recovering. Today, that same apartment is worth 12 million HKD.

If need be, it is a living illustration of the runaway Hong Kong housing market, under the influx of Chinese capitals over the last ten years.

Architecture witnessing the cramped conditions

Montane mansion  serves as a visual reminder that Hong Kong deals with three economic constraints: greed of investors in real estate, limited space, and a growing population. So far, the Hong Kong government has not found a miracle solution, short of alluding to opening natural parks of Hong Kong to construction.

In the meantime, visitors and tourists still flock to Montane Mansion to see this visual illustration of Hong Kong’s evils.

How to get there?

In terms of ease to reach the place, you can get down either at Quarry Bay MTR station or Taikoo station. Both are very close to Montane mansion and you can reach the place on foot.

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