Typhoon Pakhar blasts Hong Kong

After typhoon Hato, earlier this week, it was up to typhoon Pakhar to blast Hong Kong. One life was lost when a truck driver got ejected from his cabin in a road accident near Shenzhen, but except that, the city did not report heavy damage beyond the habitual fallen trees or branches.

A couple of hikers had the luminous idea of getting stranded on Kowloon Peak on Saturday evening, obliging 150 firemen to rescue them over the night from Saturday to Sunday. As a reminder, it is this tricky route here.

The aftermath

Cleaning the streets started as soon as the alert level dropped to 3, with street cleaners taking to tidy up the damage, despite the ongoing rain.

However the elements claimed another victim: a little bird seems to have been killed when a branch fell.

A bird killed by the typhoon

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