The moon over Kowloon Peak

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On 15 August, the moon passed just above Kowloon Peak in Hong Kong. Passing clouds gave a special pastel effect to the sky. Kowloon peak is also the location of the famous “suicide cliff”.

Last Sunday, there was an exceptional alignment of the moon with Kowloon peak in Hong Kong. On that occasion, the moon passed just above the Kowloon peak. It was a slightly cloudy night, so, the combination of the moon and the clouds gave the sky a delicate pastel or watercolor tone.

Obviously, such pics are possible because I live just in front of the Kowloon peak, but they are also a factor of chance. It was upon seeing the moon from my window that I jumped to set my tripod and my camera.

A slight observation about technical aspects here: with the rotation of the earth, you cannot always keep very long poses when the moon is present in the frame. Anything above 30 seconds and it will have moved within the frame. Here, my focus was more on the sky, as clouds were passing by anyway, and I must say, not too unsatisfied of the end result.

Some technical elements to end:

Camera: Nikon D750; Lens: Nikkon, 80-200mm, f.2.8, 25 seconds exposure, f.8.0 aperture. Exposure was corrected for tungsten light (the lamps on the tower on the right), hence the nice color of the sky.

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