Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement and its failure

Two years ago, a movement started in Hong Kong, initiated by  a group of young students whose energy and determination brought a megalopolis to a standstill from September 2014 to December 2014. Since then, the movement got bogged down in its own indecision and some obvious frustration and hesitation on the proper strategy to follow […]

Ayutthaya and its marvels

One of my preferred cities in Thailand was Ayutthaya. About one hour drive from Bangkok, it exuded history at every angle. Although a very touristy place, it is also a place which contains an extraordinary calm and peacefulness, far from the bustling Bangkok, for example. Contributing to that feeling is probably the numerous ruins that […]

An encounter on the highway

This picture of an encounter on the highway was taken by pure chance, one day, as I was driving towards Hua Hin. It was in the surroundings of the province of Phetchaburi (where there are salt pans, but that is another story). A flaming dawn It was between 4 AM and 5 AM, it had […]

Welcome to Visions of Asia, the blog with a free eye and a free mind

Welcome to Visions of Asia. This blog is in the first place the result of a personal creative pursuit aiming at sharing both photography in Asia, personal reflections on culture (and possibly news) and more particularly the way culture may cross-pollinate themselves with other distant cultures through various processes. This blog being personal, while it […]