Welcome to Visions of Asia, the blog with a free eye and a free mind

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Welcome to Visions of Asia.

Seller at a flea market in Bangkok (Thailand)

This blog is in the first place the result of a personal creative pursuit aiming at sharing both photography in Asia, personal reflections on culture (and possibly news) and more particularly the way culture may cross-pollinate themselves with other distant cultures through various processes.

This blog being personal, while it was also created to showcase my photos, it is also ecletic, so don’t be astonished if you find a bit of everything.

I made the deliberate choice not to annoy you with banners and publicities, so as not to waste your bandwidth or oblige you to put in place an adblocker (I use AdBlock Plus on Firefox and Opera myself).

Please enjoy text and photos, visit regularly and please do leave your comments if you happened to like anything or you disliked something.

More about me

To read more about me, please go here: About me.


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