A drone flight and a barefoot hike around Ma On Shan park

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Weeks go ahead, and I try to go regularly out for a barefoot hike. Lately, I acquired a Mavic Pro drone, and while still learning to function with it, I combined a drone flight and a barefoot hike around Ma On Shan park.


Barefoot hike around Kowloon Peak

My barefoot hiking started originally around Kowloon peak, so it is logical that I went back there as this is very near to my house. As previously mentioned, this is a pretty easy hike, as the terrain is completely flat with cemented roads all the way. It gets however treacherous in some parts but not because of unstable terrain. You have rather to deal with very fine gravel spread out on the road, and those can be pesky to walk upon. I tried to film my gait to show that it is pretty easy to hike barefoot on flat terrain.

Overall, nothing unusual, except much less abrasion on my feet, as I was not running this time around. There is a little mountain on the side of Kowloon peak, which is a moderate and pretty easy climb. Many people go up there and  fly rc planes or gliders. I stopped midway, as I wished to fly my Mavic Pro.

Drone views over Ma On Shan Park

The view by drone is absolutely gorgeous from above.

Drone shot Sai Kung
Drone shot with Sai Kung in the distance

On the left, you can see the mountain on which people climb to have a magnificent view over Sai Kung.

Turn more to your left and you can see the new town of Shatin in the distance.

A view from Ma On Shan park on Shatin.

And of course, there is a video with the complete view of the area.

This is the first of my drone videos, and they will be featuring more regularly now, as I may explore new areas and their views. Of course, it would not have been complete without a “dronie”.

A “dronie” as I am barefoot in Ma On Shan park

I was not really “minimalist”, as I carried some gear, but still I did complete the whole 7 kms barefoot in about 2 hrs (including the time flying the drone).

I am looking forward to carrying on with more drone flights and barefoot hikes. While in Lantau, sunset peak and Nong Ping are very interesting hikes, unfortunately, Lantau peak, for one, is way too close to the airport and it is illegal to fly a drone within 5 kms of the airport of Hong Kong. Nong Ping seems within a reasonable distance.


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