Howard Lam’s fake aggression or the endless descent of democracy activists into oblivion

After a big mediatic scandal fulled by Western mainstream media (prompt to repeat any allegations without any ounce of critical sense), it seems the police finally confounded the Hong Kong Democrat representative Howard Lam. Self-inflicted injuries In fact, it would appear that Howard Lam self-inflicted those injuries and invented the whole story for unclear motives. […]

Urban exploration: the hidden temples of Aberdeen

Last week-end, I went out on a bit of an urban exploration in Aberdeen. Aberdeen, on the far side of Hong Kong island is a bit of an unknown entity, mostly reputed for being the location of Ocean Park, but is also rich with hidden temples. Aberdeen the city of shrines? However, taking a stroll […]

Chiang Mai Sunday market

One of the main attractions for tourists in Chiang Mai is certainly its  Sunday night market. Sprawling across Rachadamnoen road, this market offers both, the occasion of seeing some real Thai craft, as well as a very lively and beautiful atmosphere. So, if you are in Chiang Mai, don’t miss visiting that market!

Second helicopter rescue on Kowloon Peak

For the second time in as many weeks, hikers had to call a helicopter to be rescued on Kowloon Peak on Saturday 5 August. This time, it seems they took a more dangerous path from the road known as “Jat’s Incline”. The previous rescue attempt was already reported on this blog. The rescue helicopter had […]